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Novel Cell Therapies
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Innovative immune cell therapy for the cure and care of challenging diseases.

Immune cell therapy has rapidly emerged as one of the promising therapeutics in challenging disease treatment. Autologous CAR-T cell therapy has demonstrated its breakthrough impacts in some hematopoietic malignancies. Since the promising potential of immune cell therapy was approved, the increased interest and excitement of the next immune cell therapy expanded the enormous research development. However, as immune cell therapy still faces challenges in solid tumors, innovative immune cell technologies are turning toward providing us with solutions.

GC Cell R&D is working on the development of innovative immune cell therapy for the cure and care of challenging diseases.


NK Cell Therapy

NK cells play a pivotal role in anticancer immunity as a body’s first-line defense. NK cells can distinguish healthy cells from tumor cells. For instance, NK cells recognize MHC-1 deficiency, a key player in T cell escape, to recognize tumor cells and release perforin and granzymes to kill them(Missing self). On the contrary, healthy cells can escape from NK cell killing via interaction between NK cells’ inhibitory receptor(KIR) and MHC-1 of healthy cells.

Mechanism of Action

NK cell natural function
Antibody dependent cellular cytotoxicity (ADCC)

NK cells can kill the tumor cells via ADCC with monoclonal antibody or NK-engager interacting with both CD16 surface antigen of NK cells and tumor antigens.

CAR-mediated killing

Chimeric antigen receptor(CAR)-transduced NK cells can target tumor-specific antigens overexpressed in tumor cells.

Cytokine-Induced Killer(CIK) Cell Therapy

Cytokine-induced killer(CIK) cells that express both CD3 and CD56 on the surface are potent autologous immune cell therapy in eliminating cancer cells. CIK cells recognize cancer cells and destroy them without recognizing specific antigens. Based on non-MHC-restricted cytolytic activities against tumor cells, CIK therapy is a promising therapeutic approach in cancer-adoptive immunotherapy with a favorable safety profile.

Mechanism of Action

Cytotoxic T Lymphocytes(CTL) Cell Therapy

T cells kill tumor cells by recognizing MHC-1 molecules presented in cancer cells. However, cancer cells escape T cell recognition by the loss of MHC-1 expression. On the contrary, CAR-transduced T(CAR-T) cells can target MHC-1-deficient tumor cells by recognizing tumor-associated antigens.

Mechanism of Action

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