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Our Story

Tomorrow’s Cure,
People’s Lives

Connecting Science to Hope,
Connecting Life to Better Future.

GC Cell stands at the forefront of cell therapy innovation with fully-integrated capability from research to commercialization.
Offering customized solutions tailored to partners` needs,
We provide end-to-end full value chain CDMO and bio logistics service.

Our mission is to fast-track the innovation in cell and gene therapies, aiming to enhance the clinical outcomes of each and every patient, shaping the future of healthcare.

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One More Step for Future
Cell Therapy R&D


One Batch for
Each Patient

GC Cell Immuncell-LC

Adjuvant therapy for patients whose tumor has been removed
after curative resection for Hepatocellular carcinoma.

  • Logistics
  • Cell Banking
  • CDMO
  • Logistics

    We have been providing customers with flexible supply chain solution services with complete quality standards since 2015. We ship materials at all temperature ranges to investigator sites, depots, and directly to patients’ homes worldwide. Our experience and knowledge allow us to manage pharmaceutical products. Our clients trust us to execute clinical trials and commercial product deliveries on time. We find the most cost-effective option while ensuring product integrity, regulatory compliance, and shipment security while maintaining impeccable end-to-end quality standards.

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  • Cell Banking

    We have been continuously researching cell survival rates even before starting the cell banking business. Through repeated research efforts, we have been conducting monthly extractions of stored research blood for quality management and assurance purposes. After thawing, survival rate tests are conducted to ensure the stability of blood cells. we maintain a stable and high survival rate based on more advanced research technology.

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  • CDMO

    With many years of manufacturing technique of cell therapy, Our qualified research experts provide CDMO services, highlighted our End-to-end fully integrated cell-based therapy CDMO business. Equipping a fully integrated value chain from drug development and manufacturing up to commercialization offers significant benefits in terms of insight and intelligence, which in turn optimize strategy and drug life cycle management. This allows us to strategize the development up to approval with streamlined, data-driven decision making.

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