Career at GC Cell

Our commitment to a healthier future for humanity extends beyond improving existing treatment options to discovering novel therapeutic agents

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    Breaking Boundaries

    Mindset, pushing boundaries

    We ensure that our innovative mindset defines everything we do, it is consistently delivered in all our service areas.

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    Open to Connect

    Collaboration / global / open innovation

    We are open to cross borders and also fracturing industry boundaries through our open ingenious.

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    Patient-centered Creativity

    No overdue, for tomorrow’s cure & care

    We apply creative thoughts and agility to develop appropriate solutions that make better healthcare more accessible and affordable.

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    Committed to People

    human centric, journey

    We are fully committed to provide better care to people in need, to serve them with an accurate support and solutions they need. In the right time.

We support individual growth by designing customized development programs for Sustainable growth and competency of Executives and employees

  • Training to grow new employees

    GC Cell vision & culture, Mentoring system

  • Leadership course

    Next generation leader development
    Business skill improvement

  • Expert Academy

    GC University online education,
    Pharmacovigilance, CP ethics, GMP etc.

Thriving at GC Cell


Global talent with international vision

We consist of talented people with the best expertise and international sense in each field, and we are working with a flexible thoughts and attitudes to understand various cultures.


The attitude of challenging to be the best

As a member of GC Cell, the mind to challenge the best goal with a strong belief that ‘we can do it' is a indispensable attitude. We want to become the best with the pioneering spirit to break the old ones, and create new values.


Work-culture centered on competency

GC Cell enjoys an organizational culture that allows employees to freely utilize their knowledge within the scope of their capabilities to create performance and grow.



My job involves the safe and accurate transportation of specimens that may be crucial to someone's health or hope. I take pride in providing trust to our customers and contributing to the protection of lives in challenging situations.

Kim. Bio Logistics Team

The benefits of GC Cell extends beyond the campus. I always find fulfillment in making happier days even more joyful and easing sorrow on sad days to support the lives of our employees.

Yoo. HR Excellence Team

Our research division encourages individuals to take ownership of their research. Through Open Communication, it enables the realization of individual projects.

Ahn. R&D PD Team

In my role of ensuring the quality of our products in the final stage before they are delivered to patients, I always feel a sense of pride in fulfilling my responsibility to provide safe medications at every moment.

Ko. GMP QC Team
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    • - In-house Day Care
    • - Cord Blood Bank Support
    • - Children`s Day Invitation Events
    • - Congratulation/Condolence support - Children Scholarship Support
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    Employee Leisure

    • - In-house Gym
    • - Resort Membership
    • - In-house Club Activities
    • - Congratulation/Condolence support - Children Scholarship Support
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    Life Stabilization

    • - In-house Cafeteria
    • - Shuttle Bus
    • - In-house Welfare Fund Loan Support
    • - Congratulation/Condolence support - Children Scholarship Support
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    Employee Healthcare

    • - Employee Free Flu Vaccination
    • - Immuncell-LC Anti-cancer Treatment Support
    • - Comprehensive Health Examination
    • - Congratulation/Condolence support - Children Scholarship Support
Job Openings
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