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Since 2015, GC Cell has offered flexible supply chain solutions with complete quality standards

We ship materials worldwide at all temperature ranges to investigator sites, depots, and final destinations. Leveraging our experience, we adeptly manage pharmaceutical products. Clients trust us for on-time execution of clinical trials and commercial product deliveries. We prioritize cost-effectiveness, ensuring product integrity, regulatory compliance and shipment security, maintaining impeccable end-to-end quality standards.


Customized Solution Tailored to Your Needs

We understand challenges you face at every stage of your bio-logistics journey. Our tailored solutions optimize for your concerns at each steps.

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G-HUB System Technology,

Allowing you to access a single point for real-time tracking, visualize your shipment's end-to-end journey and provide contingency intervention
to ensure the cold chain integrity of every shipment.

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    Tracking service

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    Shipment status alarm service

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At GC Cell, quality is at the core of everything we provide for customers.

  • - International Standard for QMS ISO 9001

  • - Medical Device Quality ISO 13485

GC Cell Cold-Chain


GC Cell provides the solution of the packaging, storage and distribution of temperature-sensitive biologics, cell and gene therapy, clinical trial materials and commercial vaccines.

A trustworthy cold chain management strategy is essential to guarantee the viability of your intricate therapeutics, including cell and gene therapies, biologics, vaccines and monoclonal antibodies. This ensures their viability from the point of collection through manufacturing to the final delivery at clinical sites.

Maintaining the integrity of your products is assured with an experienced partner, ensuring that your sensitive biological materials are properly stored and shipped at their target temperatures, whether refrigerated, frozen or cryogenic.

Our Service CELL TRACK™

  • Clinical Laboratory Service

    Clinical Laboratory Service

    We are linked with over 5,000 medical institutions with GC Labs, the top clinical diagnostic institution in Korea.

    We have 75 branches nationwide with 400 specialized specimen managers assigned to each customer. We provide the highest quality of service and testing results.

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    GC Labs
  • Clinical Laboratory Service

    Clinical Trial Logistics

    We provide tailored solution for product integrity and execute customized end-to-end clinical trial logistics programs for trials in all phases of development.

  • Clinical Laboratory Service

    Cell and Gene Therapy

    Due to complex interdependencies between stakeholders and their personalized nature and intricate time restraints, cell and gene therapies requires specialized solutions, industry experience and advanced control processes combined with state-of-the-art technology.
    For GC Cell, the top priority in transporting these therapies is maintaining drug integrity and ensuring timely delivery within temperature specifications.

  • Clinical Laboratory Service

    Commercial Product

    GC Cell domestic network means we can connect to pharmaceuticals, medical devices, wholesalers, distributors, hospitals and healthcare providers connected across the value chain, from clinical trials to commercialize and every step in between.

W&D Warehouse and Distribution


GC Cell design W&D solution for customers and provide efficient Warehouse & Distribution (W&D) services through distribution center-based customer delivery agency services, cargo delivery, storage, distribution, offline/online delivery services and WMS logistics information systems.

Our Service CELL PATH™


Service Item

  • Medical Device Storage and Transportation

    Medical Device Storage and Transportation

    Setting up and running complex clinical trials involves a wide range of equipment and materials. GC Cell has the expertise to store and distribute these materials.
    Our domestic network and visibility system can support the transportation of all clinical trial materials, including ancillary equipment, medical devices and investigator equipment.

  • Procurement, Storage and Supplies

    Procurement, Storage and Supplies

    GC Cell offers storage and delivery solutions for a range of ancillary supplies, encompassing general lab supplies and medical devices.
    We tailor plans for materials with specific storage needs engaging in discussions with each client about factors such as temperature and expiration dates.
    Our shipping options feature both temperature-controlled and non-temperature-controlled shippers. We ensure your needs are delivered right into your hands.

GC Cell Global Logistics


The GC Cell, as an experienced export specialist, guarantees secure logistics services for transporting pharmaceuticals that are sensitive to time and temperature.


  • Medical Device Storage and Transportation
    Medical Device Storage and Transportation

    Forwarding Service

    Over the past 12 years, we have exported the Green Cross flu vaccine to 45 countries and 286 cities. We possess a validated transportation route specifically developed for the export of vaccines to the regions of Central and South America, as well as Southeast Asia.

    Express Service

    We provide customized transportation solutions for time- and temperature-sensitive items, including IP/commercial medicine, clinical supplies/kits and infectious substances (UN3373, Category B), to meet the needs of hospitals, clinical research organizations(CROs) and laboratories worldwide.

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