Our Heritage


Our Root

목암 牧岩
Enrich The Earth

Science is the foundation for building a nation.
It is the cornerstone of a wealthy country that enriches the nation's tomorrow.
Even if the dust accumulates, we must let it settle on this land.

Mogam Young-sup Huh (1941~2009)

Our Achievement

  • 2011

    06 GCLabCell Established
  • 2016

    06 GCLabCell IPO
  • 2018

    04 Acquisition of Lymphotec(JPN)
  • 2019

    03 Established Artiva Biotherapeutics(US)
    08 Global Clinical Central Lab. GCCL Established
  • 2021

    11 GC Cell established as an integrated corporation
  • 2022

    04 Acquisition of CDMO Organization BioCentriq(US)
  • Bio Service Integrated Value Chain
    A wide range of Clinical Laboratory Services with GC Labs, GCCL, GC Genome
  • Bio-Logistic Cold Chain Supply
    Nation-wide coverage of high-quality cold chain
  • Cell Banking
    Cell preservation through cord blood banking in preparation for future diseases
  • 2023-11 Acquired ISO 13485 certification for medical devices quality management system
    2018-04 Acquired ISO 9001:2015 certification for cord blood bank
    2017-12 Acquired ISO 9001 certification for bio logistics quality management
    2016-02 Applied for patent for frozen storage technology of cells
    2015-07 Founded Bio Logistics
  • Novel cell therapies with proprietary technology
    Potential First in class or Best in class addressing unmet needs
  • GMP manufacturing of Cell Therapy
    End-to-end fully-integrated cell-based therapy CDMO
  • Cancer Immunotherapy
    Commercial product for Hepatocellular carcinoma
  • 2023-12 AB-201 Phase 1 clinical IND Cleared by HREC(AUS) and MFDS(KOR)
    2023-03 Artiva AB-201 Orphan Drug Designation
    2021-03 Acquired domestic patent for NK cell manufacturing method
    2021-03 Proceeded with NK cell therapy technology transfer option(AB-202) to Artiva Biotherapeutics
    2021-02 Acquired Australian patent for Chimeric Antigen Receptor(CAR) signaling domain
    2020-12 Phase 3 IND application for Immuncell-LC for the treatment of pancreatic cancer approved
    2020-12 IND application for Phase 1/2a clinical trial of Artiva AB-101 approved by US FDA
    2007-08 Immuncell-LC: Approved curative adjuvant treatment for Hepatocellular carcinoma(KOR)

What we’ll do

Pushing Boundries
  • AI Technology
    By utilizing the digital artificial intelligence(AI), we improve existing treatment options to discovering novel therapeutic agents.
  • Platform Technology
    We explore novel targets for cancer and other challenging diseases through cutting-edge cell therapy platform technology.
  • Bio Service Platform
    Our tailored, streamlined bio logistics solution is precisely optimized for your products & needs mitigating potential risks throughout the process.
Crossing Borders
  • Global Collaboration
    We become a global leader in cell therapy by maximizing the expertise and innovative
    technological advantages of Artiva and BioCentriq.
  • Leading Multinational Clinical Trials
    We seek to multi-country and multi-racial clinical trial data in advancement of medical
    innovation and transformation of the global healthcare industry.
  • Global License In & Out
    We are actively seeking partnerships and collaborations to expand accessibility to treatment for more global patients.