Our Story


our story

Brand Story

Navigating the Future
For Each and Every Patient

Like every cell, we started small with a big purpose:
to incubates ideas and nurture them into potentials, into hope.
We are a coming together of creativity, of expertise, of explorations, of passion and commitment to the best possible care for people in need.
At GC Cell, our mission is to set every meaningful step right and connect its footprint to create positive impact to life:
Connecting science to hope, Connecting life to a better future.

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Accelerating Tomorrow’s Cure,
Enhancing People’s Lives
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Global Creator of Cell
& Gene Therapy

our story

CEO Message

At GC Cell we are in the middle of a journey fueled by innovative cell therapy and novel biological research. Our commitment to a healthier future for humanity extends beyond improving existing treatment options to discovering novel therapeutic agents.

Under our vision of "Navigating the Future for Each and Every Patient," we strive to be global leaders in cell therapy, continually exploring novel targets for cancer and other challenging diseases through cutting-edge research and development projects.

Our dedication to search for innovative therapies has motivated us to establish extensive expert networks both domestically and internationally. By establishing a tailored bio solutions platform, we seek to accompany our customers across their entire discovery processes, serving as collaborators in innovation.

By turning science into hope, and by bringing hope to those in need, GC Cell is committed to making significant strides in advancement of medical innovation and transformation of the global healthcare industry.

For Each and
Every Patient
CEO James Park

our story

Innovation &
img Human Centric
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    Breaking Boundaries

    Mindset, Pushing Boundaries

    We ensure that our innovative mindset defines everything we do, it is consistently delivered in all our service areas.

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    Patient-centered Creativity

    No Overdue, for tomorrow’s cure & care

    We apply creative thoughts and agility to develop appropriate solutions that make better healthcare more accessible and affordable.

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    Open to Connect

    Collaboration / Global / Open Innovation

    We are open to cross borders and also fracturing industry boundaries through our open ingenious.

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    Committed to People

    Human Centric Journey

    We are fully committed to provide better care to people in need, to serve them with an accurate support and solutions they need. In the right time.